KABA, KBA and Myongji University Sign MOA

The Korean Amateur Baduk Association and the Korea Baduk Association signed an agreement with Myongji University on “Baduk education and promotion“.

1454547020811_imgIn 1998, Myongji University had signed an agreement on “joint research on Baduk culture” exchanging relevant information and joint research for developing Baduk culture as well as conducting business and hosting events together. The Korea Baduk Association and Myongji University agreed to cooperate together on mutual understanding and trust in terms of Baduk education and promotion to develop the Baduk culture.


According to the 2016 agreement, the organisations will put efforts in order to foster Baduk teachers, and also actively involve in research on Baduk education, and related subjects. They agreed to:

  • open and manage courses that foster Baduk expert instructors
  • operate research and instruction in order to develop Baduk businesses and professional equipment
  • open and operate courses for Baduk fans in “Life Long Learning” programs

providing equipment, facilities, administration for courses, lectures, programs offered by both organisations


The president of Myongji University Yu Byong Jin revealed, “Due to the efforts in research and fostering Baduk experts on an academical level, we have many foreign students not only from Asian countries but also from Rumania, Germany etc. who come to Korea to study Baduk. In the future, we aim at finding ways how Baduk can build the students’ characters.

The president of the Korean Amateur Baduk Association and Korea Baduk Association Hong Seok Hyun said, “I appreciate Myongji University’s leading role and utmost efforts to develop and establish Baduk Studies. We should promote and pass down Eastern cultural assets such as Baduk, calligraphy, meditation etc. that the West envy.”