Daniel Chan’s after graduation story

My name is Daniel, I graduated from Myongji University Baduk Studies Department in 2013. After graduation I went back to Singapore and work as the Executive Manager in Singapore Weiqi Association for 1.5 years. I then set up a Go school, The GO Academy with Mr Kang Zhan Bin 6p in November 2014 where our opening ceremony was graced by the Minister of Education. Currently we have more than 200 students and we started our second centre in June 2015. Since the opening of our school, we have organized 2 regional championships and the National Primary School Go Championship which attracted more than 400 participants.  Our school has also created the first infographic poster on Go and it was shared more than 150 times on Facebook. (Daniel Chan)

For more information check Daniel Chan’s website: http://thegoacademy.com.sg/