The Future of Baduk(Go, Weiqi) in the Age of AI: Lee Sedol Vs. AlphaGo Google Deep Mind Challenge Match

Time: 10:00 am, March 25, 2016
Venue: Grand Conference Room, Pangmok Momorial Hall, Yongin Campus, Myongji University
Hosted by Korean Society for Baduk Studies
Co-sponsored by Korean Association of Baaduk, Myongji University



Part 1

10:00~10:30 Registration
10:30~11:00 Opening Ceremony (Chair: Se-Young Kim, Secretariat)
Welcoming Address : Professor Woosuk Park (KAIST, President of Korean Society for Baduk Studies)
11:00~11:25: Lecture 1
History of AI Baduk
‣ Professor Byung-Doo Lee (Sehan University)
11:25~11:50: Lecture 2
How to Design AI Baduk
‣ Master Chanwoo Kim (Professional Baduk Player, Developer of Baduk App.)
11:50~12:30: Lecture 3
The Tournament between AlphaGo and Human Baduk Player
‣ Master Hye-Yeon Cho (Professional Baduk Player)

12:30~14:00: Lunch

Part 2

14:00~14:25: Lecture 4
Baduk After AlphaGo
‣ Professor Dong Gun Kam (Ajou University)
14:25~14:50 : Lecture 5
The Challenge of Dolbaram
‣ Mr. Chang Hyun Choi (Noorigrim Co.)
14:50~15:10 Lecture 6
The Technical Meaning of the Match between Human Master Baduk Player and AI Baduk Player
‣ Professor Soo-Hyun Jeong (Myongji University, Honorary President of Korean Society for Baduk Studies)

15:10~15:20: Coffee Break

15:20~15:50: General Discussion: Chair: Professor Chi-Hyung Nam (Myongji University, Vice President –in-Chief of Korean Society for Baduk Studies)
15:50~16:00: Closing Ceremony