Baduk English Club

badukenglish3First, there was a very fierce 9 by 9 match between the Netherlands and China. China won the long ko fight, but the winner of the game was Michiel!
After that we studied one of the Ing Cup quarter final matches. Do you recognize the game?
Study questions: How about playing elsewhere? Which variation do you prefer? Which move was the losing move? Why do you call this move the winning move? Can you say ‘he overspent his time’? πŸ™‚


How do you say that in English?
New vocabulary of the day: tiger’s mouth, attachment, atari, tenuki, hane, overplay, trade.
One student’s main concern, though, was: ‘What are we going to eat??’ πŸ˜€

It was fun! Thanks, everybody, especially Sojin On 7p and Chen Bi Sen 1p for the entertaining Baduk lesson.