My Trip to Canada

At the age of 16, when most teenagers are exposed to different stimuli from this wonderful world, is the time when I met Baduk, and it has since influenced me comprehensively. In the free times I spent, most of the friends around me, my attitudes towards people and so on. It brings positive changes to almost everything surrounding me.

I can’t imagine my life without Baduk.


6 July 2016, 18:00, AC62 Air Canada, for the first time in my life, I travelled across the great North Pacific Ocean, to proudly represent Myongji University to participate in the 3rd Annual World Collegiate Weichi Championship at University of Toronto, Missisauga, Canada.

canada_trip_2016_02 canada_trip_2016_03

This renowned Baduk Championship event was jointly organised by the International University WeiChi Federation and Shanghai Ing Chang Ki WeiChi Educational Foundation, which the participants were mainly the prevailing university students, as well as incoming or recently graduated university students from all over the world. Almost, if not all of the expenses which include our accommodation, all meals and logistics during the event are sponsored by the Shanghai Ing Chang Ki WeiChi Educational Foundation. Only the international or domestic travel costs, as well as other associated discretionary personal expenses such as shopping and entertainment are borne by the participants.

The championship was categorized into four different groups and one special group (Group E) for female players. It is ludicrous to underestimate Group E players as the top 6 finalists are all Korean or Chinese 5-6 Dan. For myself, I took part in Group B (1 – 4 Dan) and each of us played six games. In the end, I won four out of six games and finished 6th in the tournament. I was not satisfied with this result because I was expecting myself to perform much better. I actually reviewed all my games and it made me feel bad for not playing the best of myself during the tournament. I believe most of the Baduk players feel the same that even you won the game, but still you are not satisfied with the content you played. Or in the other case, you lost the game that you thought you should not be, and the mistakes you made in the game were affecting you during the entire tournament. On the positive side, I believe that I have improved 0.5 stone after the tournament!

canada_trip_2016_04 canada_trip_2016_05

After all, that was not considered the best thing I had experienced during the Championship in Toronto, Canada. My biggest dream is always to travel around the world and since the time I learned about the existence of Niagara falls, It has been on top of my “places to visit” checklist. I really appreciate the organizer that they arranged us to visit the Niagara falls and give us the chance to enjoy the astonishing view of the falls! There are no words for me to describe the awesomeness and the power of the enormous water falling from the top to the bottom! Because I didn’t expect myself to visit the Niagara falls in 2016, so that was really an exciting ‘surprise’ trip for me. Of course they did bring us to look around the city of Toronto too, but still my favourite is the Niagara Falls.

Overall, that was really a good experience for me and it just enhanced my belief that Baduk can bring people around the world together! I hope there will be more events like the Annual World Collegiate Weichi Championship that brings players all around the world together and enjoy the beauties of Baduk.


To all the organizers, volunteers and the participants I met:

 I believe if we never give up on Baduk, somehow someday, somewhere, we definitely will be seeing each other again. Take care!

Kew Chien Chong