The first China-Korea Forum of Go Education for Children at Myongji University

The China-Korea forum of Go education for children, co-sponsored by Myongji University and China Danzhu, was held successfully 2016 August 21-24 at Yongin campus, Myongji University. The topics of this forum were: to strengthen Go educational exchanges between China and Korea, to improve the quality of elementary Go education, and to discuss the principles of Go education for children, methods and the future directions. There were three parts during the forum including reports by Go education experts, professors’ lectures as well as exchanges and sharing among Go teachers.
The forum also received positive responses from the Korean Society of Baduk Studies, China Weiqi Newspaper, Weiqi College, Preschool Education Department and Jinan Vocational College.

Prof. Daniela Trinks from the department of Baduk Studies made welcoming remarks on behalf of the organizers. Professor He Yunbo from China and other experts talked about Go education in elementary education. The topics involved literary accomplishments through Go education, teaching and organizational strategies for children aged 3-5 during enlightenment and early education, Baduk teaching methods for deaf and disabled children, the mode transformation from the athletic training to the popularity promotion, and the combination of internet technologies and Go enlightenment training.

Prof. Kim Jinhwan gave two lectures on the principles and methods for Go elementary education and the Go education & personality education in university level. He also introduced the history and current situation of Baduk Education in Korean universities. Teachers and supervisors from Danzhu introduced their experiences and practices in teaching and shared their successes and failures as well. All 63 teachers from China in this forum were active during the Q & A session, and they actively seek opportunities to express their views and ideas. It was a big harvest for them.
Teachers and students from the department of Baduk Studies at Myongji University in this forum demonstrated the curriculum with academic attitude. The teaching faculties, resources and the environment have been appreciated by the Chinese baduk teachers. It helps the department of Baduk Studies at Myongji University build up a good image in the education market in China.

Sun Daechang