Baduk Festival in Seoul, a car-free Day!

This was the first time I join a Baduk festival in Korea so I was really excited.

baduk_festival_2016_01 baduk_festival_2016_02


When I arrived at Gwanghwamun Square, I was so surprised. There were more than 1000 people who were playing Baduk together.

baduk_festival_2016_04 baduk_festival_2016_05

Not only adults but also children seemed to enjoy this event so much. I saw many familys who joined this event together. They played with professional players with very serious attitude that impressed me so much.

Besides playing with Baduk professional players, Baduk fans also had an opportunity to meet and receive the signature of some very famous Korean Baduk players such as Lee Sedol,  Choi Cheolhan and  Kim Jisuk (my favorite handsome professional player)…

baduk_festival_2016_08 baduk_festival_2016_09 baduk_festival_2016_10

There were so many Baduk fans who wanted to have Lee Sedol’s signature so it took me about 2 hours to wait for this…. Nevertheless I was really happy because this was the first time I saw and met him in person.


There were also some Baduk related stores where we could buy many related things such as: Baduk souvenirs, Baduk books, Baduk board and stones,…

baduk_festival_2016_12 baduk_festival_2016_13

This was the first Baduk event I could join in Korea so I was really excited and the Korea Baduk fans’ spirit motivated me so much. I also want to have such an interesting celebration in Vietnam!!!

Linh Le