Seoraksan – My first trip with Myongji Baduk Department friends

Seorak-san is a very famous mountain in Korea, especially in autumn. This is my first trip with Baduk department friends. What a great trip! 🙂


  1. View

We climbed together and after about 3 hours, we reached to the top of Seorak-san.



seoraksan_trip_03 seoraksan_trip_04 seoraksan_trip_05 seoraksan_trip_06

On the way we went to the top, there were many colorful beautiful leaves. They were turning into yellow and red. The atmosphere was also really fresh and the weather was perfect for a hike.

seoraksan_trip_07 seoraksan_trip_08 seoraksan_trip_09

Next day, we went to the beach in the early morning.

seoraksan_trip_10 seoraksan_trip_11


There weren’t many people there so the beach was really clean as well as quiet. We enjoyed our time together, played with sand, sea water and took photos.

  1. Other interesting place

We also went to a Teddy Bear museum. This is a museum which is near a Kid’s park.

In this place we can see many Teddy bears that wear the traditional dress of different countries in the world. Not only kids but also adults can enjoy it.

seoraksan_trip_12 seoraksan_trip_13 seoraksan_trip_14 seoraksan_trip_15

After visiting Teddy Bear Museum, we walked around the park and fed some animals as well as relaxed

seoraksan_trip_16 seoraksan_trip_17 seoraksan_trip_18

  1. Hotel and food

We stayed in a very warm and convenient hotel which contained a self-serviced kitchen (I really love it). We could cook and eat together in the morning.

seoraksan_trip_19 seoraksan_trip_20 seoraksan_trip_21 seoraksan_trip_22 seoraksan_trip_23 seoraksan_trip_24 seoraksan_trip_25

Many delicious foods <3 <3

At the trip we made many great memories together. We are closer and fell like a family. I love my new friends so much and hope that we will have many many interesting experiences like that while I’m at Myongji University. It was such a great weekend! <3

Linh Le