The 20th anniversary of Department of Baduk studies in Myongji University

This year is the 20th anniversary of the department of Baduk Studies – the first department in the world offering an academic degree in Baduk.


On 11/10 at Hotel Artnouveau in Yeoksam, including Kim Jeong-myung (the Dean of College of Arts and P.E.), Lee Jong-myung (the vice-president College of Arts and P.E.), Prof. Jeong Soo-hyun, Prof. Kim Jin-hwan, Prof. Nam Chi-hyung, Prof. Daniela Trinks and other honored guests, more than 100 participants came to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

“Established as a global research institution, the Department of Baduk Studies has contributed to the field of Baduk greatly for the last 20 years, and I hope that Korea and the world can be proud of the department in the future as well.” given by Lee Jong-myong (Vice President of Myongji University) as a speech of congratulation.

Since 1997, followed by the foundation of the Department of Baduk Studies, more than 200 students graduated from the department and keep actively making their contribution to the different fields of Baduk.

Currently, around 140 students from 9 different countries are studying in the department. Since 2009 (the foundation of Doctoral Degree), 6 students received the doctoral degree in Baduk Studies.

(Based on: 자유경제신문 2017/11/28)