Myosu No. 3 published

Finally the third issue of Myosu – Global Baduk Magazine is published after quite a long break. We are really sorry for delaying this issue for so long. We tried our best and we aim to continue the magazine as a bridge to connect Baduk fans all over the world. We hope that you will enjoy reading and studying Baduk with Myosu No.3.


International University Go Federation to be founded

An opening ceremony for the foundation of the International University Go Federation (FIGU) was held at the Parktel in Seoul Olympic Park on Friday, September 28. The objective of this new federation is the recognition of Baduk as an international university sport and to promote Baduk culture to intellectuals worldwide. This event is also the cornerstone for the aim of (more…)

The 32nd US Go Congress 2016

My flight to New York was on the 29th of July, and I was pretty excited about participating in the 32nd USGC in Boston. In the beginning of June, I suddenly decided to go to the USGC. Professor Daniela asked me “What are you going to do during the summer vacation?” and she told me that going to the USGC would be a good experience for me. At that time I was considering what to do in vacation. About a month later, the Korea Baduk Association put an announcement that they would support two professionals who participate at the USGC. I naturally applied as it felt like the right sequence in a joseki. In the end, I and Dahae Lee 4p were selected.

us_go_congress_2016_01The US Go Congress is the biggest Baduk event in North and South America. It is held once a year and spans one week. About 600 Baduk players participated in this year’s event. It included a big variety of activities such as US Open Masters, US Open, Women’s Tournament, Evening League, simultanous games, Crazy Go, Pair Go, game reviews and lectures. I thought that the program satisfied Baduk players. The USGC is a utopia for Baduk players.

I checked out the congress website to get some information before going there. There was various information. Among lots of events in the congress schedule, Google Deepmind team’s lecture ‘The story of AlphaGo’ caught my attention. I really wanted to listen to the lecture.