Graduate Courses

1. Introduction of the Department of Baduk Studies
(1) Characteristics
In modern society Baduk became much more than just a leisurely game but a useful instrument for human life. In the Master course you can study various fields of Baduk such as children education, international exchange, internet Baduk and also Baduk as a leisure, a method keeping mental health and studying of Artifical Intelligence (AI).
(2) Educational Goal
In the department of Baduk Studies, all the phenomena which are related to Baduk are analysed. The graduate students can become experts who can
develop Baduk culture worldwide.
2. Compulsory Classes, Exam and Thesis
2.1. Entrance Requirements (Foreign Students only)
– Bachelor or similar degree
– Application
– Interview
2.2. Compulsory Classes
– Common Compulsory Classes: Research Methodology 1, Research Methodology 2
– Required Classes: Including the 6 Credits of the Common Classes more than 24 Credits are needed.
2.3. Compulsory Classes for transfer students
Students who graduated in another major have to listen classes in the department of Baduk Studies of at least 9 credits. These students should consult one of the department’s four professors for their suggestions.
2.4. Subjects of the Comprehensive Exam
The subjects of the comprehensive exam should be 2 of the major classes.
2.5. Thesis
1. Thesis Coaching
Until the thesis is completed, the graduated student should receive more than 1 year thesis coaching.
2. Presenting the Thesis
Before the writing semester starts, the student should present his/her research proposal at the end of the 3rd semester. Before handing in the thesis, there is a final presentation on the thesis at the end of the 4th semester.
3. Professors
Prof. JEONG Soo-Hyun, 9 Dan Pro
Prof. NAM Chi Hyung, 1 Dan Pro
Prof. KIM Jin-Hwan
Prof. Daniela TRINKS
4. Lectures
1. Theory of Baduk
2. History of Baduk
3. Research Methodology I
4. Research Methodology II
5. Baduk Culture
6. Leisure Theory of Baduk
7. Baduk Psychology
8. The theories of problem solving
9. Baduk Playing Therapy
10. Methodology of Baduk Education
11. Baduk Marketing
12. Baduk Language Theory
13. Computer & Baduk
14. Studies on Professional Baduk Players
15. Development of Baduk Contents
16. Game Studies
17. Evaluation in Baduk
18. Study of Baduk Learning Materials