Baduk, which has a long history in Oriental countries, is a brain sport that contains profound philosophy, artistry and wisdom. Present-day baduk has transcended its dimension as a leisurely game and is being widely spread throughout the world. It functions both as one of the most amusing games and as a useful instrument for human life. The Department of Baduk Studies was established in 1997, for the first time in world history, to pursue the academic study of baduk. Although baduk has been regarded as a precious culture, it had not been studied by the scientific approach due to man’s traditional adherence to its technique alone. We will contribute to the development of baduk culture by providing a variety of knowledge based on a new paradigm beyond the technique-biased approach to Baduk.

As Korea has become the strongest and the most actively Baduk-playing country in the world, it is expected to play a leading role in a variety of activities of Baduk. In response to this trend, the Dept. of Baduk Studies has been set up with the following aims(Educational Goal). To approach this goal, we will teach students Baduk theory and technique systematically, research Baduk culture in depth, and acquire wide and various knowledge related to Baduk. The graduates will make proper Baduk leaders in Korea and also in foreign countries.

The students who major in Baduk Studies will acquire 5-dan level or above, and foreign language skills so that they can work as experts in the various fields of Baduk. The graduates can create and develop their own professional fields by utilizing the abundant resource of the Korean Baduk community. Many graduates will work for Baduk academics. Some could be dispatched to other countries as instructors. Moreover, internet programmers, writers, columnists, journalists, professional players, and managers of Baduk businesses are good jobs of Baduk.

Educational Goal

1. To promote Baduk strength above the 5 dan level
2. To acquire a deeper knowledge of life from Baduk culture
3. To develop and educate the leaders in the field of Baduk
4. To teach foreign languages to students who can introduce Baduk culture to the world.